A More Sustainable Future

  • SAR 1.75 Bilion Upfront CAPEX Savings
  • 849,000 MWh Energy Savings per year
  • 239,990 CO2e Tons Green House Gas Emissions Reductions
  • 114,330 Cars Equivalent cars removed per year
  • 239 MWe Lower Power Requirements
  • 1,508,200 bbl Barrels of Oil Equivalent Savings per year

“In order to preserve the unique environmental character of the region, environmental sustainability laws and mechanisms will be developed. Natural resources will be conserved in accordance with the best practices and standards in place globally.”

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin AbdulazizCrown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Sustainability is core to our business model and our brand promise to create value to the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet.

We do this through the provision of quality cooling systems that add value to our economy, enhance harsh environments and elevate quality of life for citizens and visitors, and protect and preserve our natural resources while doing so.