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DCT: Enhancing Efficiency, Reducing Impact

01 Jul, 2022

As the global population increases and the subsequent rapid urbanization results in altered climatic conditions such as the increase in temperature, the global demand for air-conditioning is rising exponentially.

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DCT: The Future of Cooling in the Middle East and the World

01 May, 2022

Saudi Arabia is a quickly expanding and growing country, undergoing rapid socio-economic transformation under its ambitious Vision 2030.

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Raising Human Capital – The importance of local talent development

24 Mar, 2022

As the Kingdom shifts toward self-sufficiency and a knowledge-based economy, guided by its Vison 2030, localization gains critical importance towards the achievement of the Kingdom’s socio-economic transformation.

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Delivering local value through our sustainability universe

01 Feb, 2022

Sustainability is integral to the Saudi Tabreed business values and this is translated into initiatives aligned with Vision 2030 that are designed to create long-term value through every aspect of our business.

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